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A Swiss company headquartered in the canton of Schaffhausen

About u-Flex

Expect top Swiss quality from us when it comes to precision springs and spiral couplings for applications in various industries. Because precision, reliability and flexibility are part of our corporate DNA. Whether standard couplings, individual and innovative solutions or as a second-source option for your company – our many years of experience make everything possible.

This is us. This is u-Flex.


Made in Switzerland

Our location in the heart of Europe has many advantages. On the one hand, we guarantee the best Swiss quality and technical expertise, and on the other, we are also interested in the shortest possible delivery times. A personal consultation is very important to us, because we can only offer the best Swiss quality if we are talking about the same thing.


We are proud of our ISO 9100 certification for the aviation industry. Our products and services are of the highest quality and excellence. On-time deliveries are a matter of honor for us, and we are also happy to demonstrate our skills as a reliable second source.


We guarantee comprehensive production and control depth as well as a documented manufacturing process. We guarantee the reliable repeat accuracy of all u-Flex components.

Price-performance ratio

We think and work in a solution- and customer-oriented way. Numerous satisfied customers from the medical technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering and valve and control technology sectors rely on the highest quality, maximum technical understanding and products and services at fair, market-driven prices. Customized solutions in the field of machined springs and couplings.
Customized solutions in the field of machined springs and couplings


Our machined reversing solutions are characterized by maximum customizability and maximum precision. They are used in areas such as valve technology, medicine, aviation and mechanical engineering. Our products meet the highest international standards in terms of design, materials and production technology and offer the following advantages:

Our expertise and quality

Reference products


Compression spring for high frequency ranges

Description: This special spring was designed for applications in the powder processing industry with preload and oscillation in very high frequency ranges. It has a double start coil to ensure parallelism during compression.
Material: C300

Compression and tension spring without torsion

Description: This special compression spring was designed for coating processes with very high ambient temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. It has a left and right-hand helix and relief holes to prevent twisting during compression.
Material: Inconel 625

Compression spring as a replacement for coiled springs

Description: This special spring with an outer diameter of over 60 mm was developed as a replacement for coiled springs in shock absorbers to prevent fatigue fractures.
Material: Maraging C350

Injection valve spring for installation space optimization

Description: This special spring with an outer diameter of less than 5 mm was designed for use in injection valves of marine diesel engines. Relief holes reduce the tension during compression.
Material: Maraging C300

Electric contact spring with high conductivity

Description: This special spring was designed for the semiconductor industry and has a surface coating and a six-start coil to achieve maximum electrical conductivity.
Material: copper-beryllium

Frequently asked questions

  • Compression springs
  • Extension springs
  • Torsion springs
  • wrap springs
  • Lateral springs
  • All machinable materials can be used. This means that a wide selection of materials is available.
  • A machine-produced spring is always used when a conventional/coiled spring does not fulfill one or more properties for the application.

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