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About us

Mastering and controlling movement

As a Swiss company headquartered in the canton of Schaffhausen, we offer customized solutions for machined springs and couplings for a wide range of industries. A high level of vertical integration, a high degree of customization and precision as well as close customer proximity are a matter of course for us.

u-Flex products are used in valve technology, medicine, aviation and mechanical engineering and meet the highest design and purchasing requirements – we impress with our precision, reliability and flexibility. Our products meet the highest international standards in terms of design, materials and production technology.

Aerospace industry

u-Flex springs and couplings are used in the aerospace industry. We offer customized solutions for a wide range of applications as well as special materials that can withstand even extreme sub-zero temperatures. Whether titanium alloy for weight optimization or torsion spring to reduce starting torques – our products withstand the extreme conditions in the air and in space.

Medical technology

Special alloys meet high requirements in surgery and medical technology. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to produce customized solutions for flexible couplings for precise drilling as well as precision springs for limiting torques or compressive forces.

Valve and control technology

Whether precision-manufactured springs for injection valves in engines or purely mechanical safety elements for pressure or vacuum relief valves – our solutions ensure precise control and reliable power transmission.

Mechanical engineering

We offer a wide range of possible applications – reliable torque transmission and precise positioning are a matter of course for us. Whether spiral couplings for torsionally rigid positioning or special coupling or spring elements with special alloys for corrosion protection under load: u-flex offers customized solutions for the most demanding applications.